Manfred Echter erhält höchste Auszeichnung der CIVA

Manfred Echter hat das Leon Biancotto Diploma erhalten. Das ist die höchste Auszeichnung welche die CIVA vergeben kann. Wir gratulieren Manfred herzlich zur dieser Auszeichnung und sind stolz und dankbar, wie er die SAGA unterstützt und geprägt hat.

Glider Aerobatics cannot be imagined without him in the last decades.Manfred was born in a dark period, in 1940. Obviously, this influenced him in many ways. Firstly, in the insight that countries, that values, that conviction must be defended, Manfred served in the German Airforce, flying jets such as Fouga Magister, F84, F86, and finally the F4 Phantom II. Manfred left the air force with the rank of colonel. Secondly, Manfred is deeply convinced that sports unites people across borders, over iron curtains and political systems. Especially today we might once realize that this was, is and will be an essential task for us as sportsmen, and why we need people like Manfred. Beside his military carrier, Manfred enjoyed glider aerobatics in his free time, starting with Lo100, Salto, and later certainly planes we use until now, such as Swift and Fox. As recent as 2021, with more than 80 years, Manfred instructed pilots in aerobatics, and introduced them to the singularities of the Fox. His last participation as a member of the German National Team was 1989. Until 2019 he was active flying as a participant an the Swiss National Championship. When Manfred started serving in FAI and CIVA, and over the decades he did, he exactly knew what he was talking about. Because he did not just talk about… he did it.


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